American Red Cross

Partner Participation Checklist

The Division is responsible for vetting and authorizing agency participation in CAN Tools. The following checklist is designed to help understand what to look for in processing a request for access to the pilot portal. This process must be completed for all partners including existing CAN partners.

Note: The co-signature by the Red Cross Division designee is all that is required to enable participation for an agency.

Participation Process

  1. Signed Participation Agreement: There must be a full signature and date by Agency POC and Red Cross co-signer. The agency representative signing the agreement should also initial the bottom of each page to indicate they have read that page. The highlighted areas on the form should be updated to include the state(s) which the agency is participating.
  2. Proof of non-profit status: Please attach a copy of a tax-exempt letter to the Participation agreement.
    • Note: If the agency utilizes another agency as a sponsor or fiscal agent (many LTRGs do this via United Way), please submit that tax-exempt letter with a letter on the agency’s letterhead authorizing Applicant Agency to utilize their non-profit status.
  3. Point of Contact Information form: identify a Point of Contact (POC) for each agency location to act as a liaison between Red Cross and that agency. The POC is also responsible for authorizing its individual users.
  4. Email Participation Agreement: The Participation Agreement should be scanned and emailed to along with the Point of Contact form by the Red Cross POC in the Region.
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