American Red Cross

Registration for Partner Users

Prior to completing the Confidentiality Agreement, the agency POC should work with each user to create a user account to expedite the account activation process. Each user should complete the following:

  1. Create a user account: 
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to begin the registration process
  3. Enter your individual information as accurately as possible:
    1. Address: [ENTER AGENCY ADDRESS]
    2. Contact phone: your personal cell phone number
    3. Email address: Please put the same email address as you used on your signed Confidentiality Agreement.
    4. Work phone: Must be kept current
    5. Place of employment: [ENTER AGENCY NAME]
    6. Agency: select from the dropdown list
    7. Enter "CAN" for the Volunteer Connection Number field
    8. Enter "CAN" for the GAP field
  4. Do you want access to the client database, resource database or both? Both
  5. Agency Point of Contact: [ENTER AGENCY POC NAME]
  6. Enter your security information; write it down.
  7. Click “Register” when complete
  8. An account verification email will be sent which must be clicked within 72 hours
    or it will expire. Check your spam or junk mail folder as well as your inbox.

Once the account authorizer sends Help Desk an email approving your account request, it will activate the account.

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