American Red Cross

CAN Tools: FAQ

This  program is designed to enable a better understanding of how the information sharing capacity of CAS 2.0 can be leveraged through the power of the CAN Tools. This program will inform the direction of the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) moving forward, and create new opportunities to mobilize recovery partners and better serve clients.

What is the CAN Tools (CAN) program?
American Red Cross recently implemented CAS 2.0, a new Client Assistance System, which is the system of record for assistance provided to clients. CAN is a network of people and information sharing tools to enable all recovery partners to more effectively coordinate services to all clients.

How do Partner agencies participate?
Case management agencies, and agencies providing direct services, should contact their local Red Cross chapter. Participation is being managed at the DRO through a simplified process to onboard partners quickly. Participating agencies will then authorize users through a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

  1. Agency POC completes the Participation Agreement and obtains Red Cross co-signature
  2. Individual agency users sign a Confidentiality Agreement co-signed by agency POC
  3. Caseworkers obtain a signed consent to release from each client

What types of client data will be visible to partner agencies?
CAN Tools provides real-time access to client records created by Red Cross in CAS 2.0 in accordance with client consent for sharing with partners. There will be similar levels of data sharing under current CAN platform (name, address, household structure, etc.). There may be new kinds of information shared as we search for new ways to make critical data available to active recovery groups.