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Update: Certain cases for Hurricane Irma and California Wildfires were moved to CAN Recovery. Any uploaded files associated with those cases will be moved shortly. Uploaded documents will not be available until that process is complete. Please check in here for a status update when work is completed.
If you are supporting Hurricane Harvey Long Term Recovery, Hurricane Irma Long Term Recovery, or California Wildfires Long Term Recovery your account has been relocated and this log in page is no longer active for your use. Please reach out to for information about how to proceed with log in for your account. 

CAN Tools, through its participating agencies, focuses on ways to best apply resources to serve those in need following a disaster. This program is designed to enable a better understanding of how the information sharing capacity of CAS 2.0 could be leveraged through the power of the CAN Recovery Tools. It will inform future discussions on the direction and capacity of the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) moving forward, and create new opportunities to coordinate recovery in concert with partners to better serve clients.

Each Division will be responsible for identifying partners and co-signing the Participation Agreement. Each agency POC will be responsible for authorizing individual agency users.